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so this cat in a modified 1970 250zx see's me and starts buzzin in n out of traffic. this thing was tuned sweet. i know it's no challenge for the bus. now me being an inexperienced RACE bike rider i keep up but nothin crazy [ride safe]. i catch up to him at the light and he looks over at my bike and says "thats crazy man" smillin. i tell him it's a busa trying not to explain that i'm "inexperienced", figuring the name "busa" would justify him tuckin his balz back up in. so at the next light traffic opens up and i'm in front just cruising on second and he's right behind me. i roll on second and dont see him in my mirrors. as i roll off i see him catching up. give him a wave as i turn into hollywood video.

i know this was like beating up on the slow kid but im kinda dee dee dee on the bus too HA HA

hope scary movie 4 is good.

glad i had the brains to not ride beyond my skillz in traffic tonight. ride safe.



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