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Hello guys nice forum lots of good info here
First off Names Jason I'm from vegas and I'm a bike collector and joins this forum to get some insite on a bike I resently acquired. And to all you senior members I apologize in advance for asking a question thats been asked a million times

So here goes I recently got a 2000 hayabusa 1300R in better than showroom condition and by that I mean it was still in the factory crate it has 0 miles on the odometer it's only been started and never moved with the key in or motor running is this bike worth keeping that way and will gain value also what is a bike like this worth? Sorry for the dumb question but I only know Indian and Harley this is my first street rocket and have no plans on ever riding it
:welcome: To the Org! If you don't have to ride it and you can afford to keep it in the crate, Do So. Some day, it Will become a Collectable. :thumbsup:


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:welcome: to the oRg :thumbsup: The 99 and 2000 were unrestricted ( that means a lot ) I believe after all these years they are still the fastest production bikes in the world. Is it black ? :laugh:

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