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Was 70 Friday and 70 Sat with lots of great riding... Weather Monday is supposed to change and the high on Monday is 45 with snow starting at 6pm and the high tues with 20 and low of 5, Wed high 18 low 3 and we are supposed to get up to 1/2 inch of ice and then up to 10 inches of snow...

Amazing changes in the weather...


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get your snow shoes out Cap !!! I will come by and pick you up. I may need the help Tuesday...:whistle:
The studded snow tires are on and the Yak traks in the trunk. Hope they are wrong about the 10 inches of snow. Not much can move in 10" of snow. There will be plenty of people out in it. They don't understand "stay home"


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Hey good maybe keep some snow away from New England! LOL
Wow thats fast changing weather.
I slept in Tulsa + went thru oklahoma city on delivery 2 Albequerque
they were riding bikes + in just long sleeve shirts in NM.


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Well, let's see. The Weather Station says 6 to 12" of Snow tomorrow, the Local Station (Tulsa and Oklahoma City) says NO SNOW this far north and it will all be from the SW Okla up thru OKC (:rofl: CPT) to Tulsa up and into NW Ark :laugh: .

So, we're planning on stocking up with FOOD today for a Snow - NO SNOW time :beerchug:

And to think, two days ago it went to 75 F :whistle:


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We are now under a blizzard warning here in Tulsa. Nothing even coming down yet.

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My bike is supposed to ship on Friday from Tulsa, I am sure that this is the reason for this horrible storm. This is how my luck typically runs. I sure as hell hope it is clear by Friday :(
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We are supposed to get hammered in KC too. Steve you be careful out there with all the comedians.


10" of snow? sounds like a tuesday around here. Hell, throw it in 4wd and Im doing 60 on the freeway with no traffic. Time for you southerners to come on up to Minny Soooda and experience REAL winter driving in my passenger seat. We had school cancelled ONCE while I was in, it was the halloween blizzard of '91. we got 38 inches of snow. We got 20" in one shot this year as well. We are on track to set a snowfall record this year here.


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Latest projection I have heard is 12-20" locally. Possible drifts up to 3'. I am glad I only work a mile and a half from home.

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