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Professor and I were at the PMRA races last night, Rick was racing and I was taking pics.... Rick came up to me in his leathers and told me to come with him. The OHP busas arrived and Rick introduced me to the trooper that heads up the bikes for OHP. We talked for a long time and there are some great things in the works for everyone. I took a lot of pics for everyone to see, sorry that some are a little blurry, I didnt have my tripod for the camera so the time lapse pics are blurry.. I wanted to capture the lighting on the bikes so everyone could see where they have the hidden lights..... I know there have been a lot of folks that didn't think that the OHP busas were real so I took these shots for you to see what they got.....

Take a look at this link and let me know what you think...

OHP BUSA's in the gallery

In all honesty, a Busa will make an excellent LEO platform. Fast,  stable, comfortable and reliable, what more could you ask for?
Pics look good, btw.


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Pics look fine, Cap.

Are they actually using that thing on patrol?



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(Wag @ Sep. 24 2006,19:44) Pics look fine, Cap.

Are they actually using that thing on patrol?

They have two Busa's right now, they have most of the typical comfort mods... Risers, bags, windscreen, grips so on so on so on....

I dont think they have any performance mods right now...

From the way I understand it the first idea to use the Busas was to mend a relationship with the sportbike community. Somewhere in there somone realized the bikes were extremely versatile and work well for traffic and now they are looking at adding to the fleet. Apparently there has been quite a stir in the LEO community and OHP has been contacted from MANY departments for more information on performance and how Oklahoma rolled the program out. Since I am in Oklahoma I plan on spotlighting this movement and helping the state out in putting info on the net about the program......

Look for more.....



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(GSXcite @ Sep. 24 2006,21:04) Looks like they made their own bar risers. Did you tell them to loose the reflectors?

Cap - If your going to help them out, start with the basics. The reflectors have to go!!!

PS. Bet the won't take them off cause they want them there for safety purposes. And thank you for sharing those pictures. Did they say if they have pushed them at all?


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I would probably never pull anyone over and just ride all day... extremely fast. mauahahhahhmuahahahhahmuahahhahahah

Great Pics!!

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