Okinawa Japan

Daddy Fatsac

I've seen you guys riding around here. Time to unite people. I wouldn't mind hooking up with a few other busa riders. Hope to see something on here.
You got that beast running yet mike? Cuz I don't see you ridin much! (i know its a small island)
Didnt you tell me a few months ago that you were coming to Okinawa? I think ya did... How was yer trip?
hey BusaFever, yes good memory !! The trip to Japan was fantastic but I, (we), didn't have the time to make it to Okinawa, we stayed on the mainland Honshu and Kyushu, however .... in the fall we are going to go back and make it to Okinawa, my girlfriend's friend lives in Okinawa, (sorry don't recall the name of the place), but if you are there, I'll definitely let you know before we come over
<span style='color:firebrick'><span style='font-size:15pt;line-height:100%'>OK those of you that need your hat for Spring time.

100 hats to go... I will buy and give the 25th order free, followed with the 55th order free and the 99 order free. you do not want to be at events with a crowd and risk not being seen by your Brother and Sister members. Let's see how fast we can get these hats on some heads. Have fun and good luck.</span></span>