OK you engine experts I have a question....

My 05 LE has 12,000 miles and runs perfectly. I've changed the oil every 2000 and have yet to have my valves checked. I've never hit the rev limiter, and generally ride the speed limit.

Here's the question: My bike at idle (1000 rpms) sounds like this....ValumValumValum etc.

It seems like that's the way its always sounded, reminds me a loping sound like a more aggressive cam in a car motor.

My friends 07 has only 2000 miles and has a...Well... Smoother idle, like this mmmmmmmmmm.

Are they all a little different, or is my bike showing some signs of cam wear or adjustment issue? Thanks.


D' Colonel
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I think YOURS sounds better than his :thumbsup: . I know my Vette (with it's Blueprinted Moded Engine) sounds alot better than my wife's Linclon :laugh:

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