OK There is no doubt the move is over


Dis in my way!
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I feel really bad about moving the board after I said that I was done. I wrote a script last night that allowed me to retrieve the post that we had from the weeks prior. We are now running on the most updated board that I know of. There are many options that I have not allowed the members to see yet. The polling feature is pretty cool. I have added a bunch of emoticons, If there is too many let me know and I will remove some of them. I would rather let you look and decide for yourselves. We are now up for service. I am working on the upload center and making it to where you can upload your pics here instead of photopoint or webshots, you would manage that yourself. You can upload up to a meg of images and link to them from anywhere that has internet access. Ok enough for now. Let me know.


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You must be REALLY bored Shenoyp. What happened...You run out of threads to reply to?

I wonder if anyone noticed the original post was made on the 60th anniversary of Pearl Harbor.