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I just did a search for "what head light" and couldn't find anything. My question is what bulb are you using? I just need a bulb to replace my stock one on my 03. Where did you get yours?
Thanks in advance!
HID headlight or Silverstar bulb are popular choices.
I use an H7 Euro Design-Xenon-Krypton bulb HID that I bought from Chaparral Motorsports. I was in town and picked them up.
H7 (regular), or 9005 (High beam)....Walmart. Does that answer your question ?.
well if you want stock replacment like everyone else said go to the parts storre and ask for an h7 for your low beam and if you need a high beam its a 9005 ( those are the part numbers for the lights more or less) If your looking for Hid conversions which I have on my bike then you buy the H7 / 9005 kit for high and low beam and deal with the mounting of the ballast or you get a single H7 kit and yes still deal with mounting at least one ballast. pretty much whatever you do the lights you need are H7 for low beam and 9005 for your high beam any auto parts store or walmart should have the bulbs you need. :beerchug: and here are some before and after pics of the lights just to give you an idea

hid hayabusa2 047.jpg

hid hayabusa 5 050.jpg
Careful not to buy a bulb that will draw to much current and fry you wiring and such. Basically those that are on Ebay and claim ultra brightness.
It looks like you got some good information here.

It took me a little while to switch over to the HID's, I figured I don't ride at night too much and it was not worth it, boy was I wrong.

If you have the extra cash, invest in a HID. I did both High and Low (5k) and in my opinion all I needed to do was the low beam. I also wanted the low temperature ones (5k) to keep them closer to white light. The higher the temperature, the further away from white they get and less usable light for good night vision (just my opinion).
nice thing about hids they have no internal filament to break I'm running 6 k on mine still pretty white too 5k is pretty intense but you will definitely will get the light you need and so will the cars a mile ahead of you too :laugh: