Ok little help here


I got a 12x8 enclosed trailer to haul the lawn stuff in on the way. I plan out out fitting it with a small air compressor, a roof mount a/c, and some lights on the inside as well as 4 out lets to run power tools if needed.

Would like to know what size genny I would need for this

A/C 14.6 amps 110v
Air compressor 15 amps 120 volts
2 shop lights 28 watts each on 110 volts.

I also want to be able to run a grinder or elec impact gun while the a/c or air compressor is running. There will be a small work bench built into the first 2 feet fo the trailer that will have a gcfi outlet on each end, as well as 2 water tight gcfi outlets on the out side.

Pretty much be able ot use it as a mobile work shop for the mower or what ever else might break while doing lawn work.


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A/C 110V x 14.6A = 1606 Watts
Air Compressor 120V x 15A = 1800 Watts
2 lights 28 Watts

Have fun...

You may want to reconsider running one of the larger components at a time. Like when you need the Air Compressor you turn off the A/C. If you have an air compressor, why not run pneumatic tools as well...


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Don't forget you have starting currents you will have to be able to handle, usually about 6x run current.

But what do I know...

Mr Bogus

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we ran a 5kv unit and it was just enough to pull a roof air unit full time... would not turn the A/C and a compressor.. (coleman air unit?)

when we went to a 12.5 (not at all practical for you) life was grand...

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