OK Iron Butt Run With Pillion On a Busa...

I heard of an Iron butt frun from S. Califorina all the way to alaska, Iron gets pretty cold,
I guess it really is GMTA.... I've been using *Rabbits* as Bear bait for years. I honestly thought I was the only one to call them *Rabbits*. I never did understand the need to *prove* how far you rode tho. Its not like it really matters to anyone other than yourself.
Yeah I am thinking it is kinda link Golf, in the end it is pointless, but a challenge is a challenge...You could equate it to life as well, there is no point and regardless of what you do or hard you try you are just going to die and be forgotten...thats the bottom line.

Damn thats a sobbering thought huh, better have fun and enjoy life cause it is all you get.
He said he traveled the last leg in alot of rain. I never read where he changed tires, wondering what he used. Must of been hairy running last part at night on tires with 5-6000 miles on them.
This has got to be one of the most inspiring "BUSA STORIES" I've ever read. I may have to look into this event myself.

The thought of having a pillion hanging on your back for this long of a ride is simply unbelievable.... this guy must have arms like the hulk.

Simply inspiring!!