ok heres a fun one


ok my hayabusa has been sitting for a year without being moved started,battery disconnected,ect...parked her in storage because of a massive ticket ,then went to war,got back in july went directly on leave,now i go back to the busa to get her running again. Oh and on the road again..besides flushing tank change oil,cooleants,chain ,and 2 new tires,what else do i have to do ,charge battery,and wash and wax,is thier any potential nightmares i should be aware of,bike is being stripped down anyways because i got a wet kit and a new exhaust power commander undertail,,ect..ect...lots fo go fast goodies to put on her....oh should i poor some oil down the spark plug holes to loosen up the pistons....well im ready for any suggestions and ass chewings for leavin her sit
did you put stabilizer in the fuel tank before you went ? The gasoline may be "gelled up" in the lines. Where do you live, did the bike sit somewhere where it gets cold ?
I'm not an engine expert. But it seems to me that if you flush out all the fluids and replace with new you'll be in great shape. Put the battery on a tender/charger and see what condition it is in. Might have to replace it. Pull the plugs to check on them, but I wouldn't put oil in the cylinders. Replacing the tires is the safe thing to do, so go for that. Check the chain for any rust. Replace if it looks old or rusty. Check the brakes for bad rust and pitting. Try to clean the dust off of everything you can reach. If you have trouble getting it to start after all that, then a trip to the local shop might be a good idea.
no it didn't get cold thank goodness.....it was in my storage i live in the desert,nothing rusts thier either...which is cool,i looked her over when i went to pick up a gun and it was real dusty but other wise looked fine
Look under the airbox just above the valve cover for a rats nest, or other evidence of pests looking for a safe haven.
definately drain the gas and run a littel fuelinjector cleaer thru it with the first tank to clear up any stickys i the jets, i love blaster fuel injector but every one has a favorite as for oil in the cyllinder dont bother if your rotors arent rusty then your cylinders arent either, welcome home and thank you for performing your duty for god and country.
You should be fine. Like everyone said, drain the oil and gas, refill, and go. No worries... then ride to Vegas and tear it up!
stripped off everything today installed new undertail removed stock exhaust ,moved air temp sensor to left airduct,installed power commander.still lots more to come tommorrow....ugh but i have to go to work.....but its started...finnaly
You should be fine.  Like everyone said, drain the oil and gas, refill, and go.  No worries...  then ride to Vegas and tear it up!
I agree with this post. Its a "Die Hard" Hayabusa..!!! Im no expert either, but in my opinion do what this guy says and go have some fun with her! I think it would be fine. Oh and welcome back!!
yesterday installed new oil pan ,removed old one of course...installed yosh rs-3 exhaust.installed muzzy cooling fan ,bike won;t start battery is shot to poop.....ordered new one...91 bucks for a battery,.,,,ugh
blood hell 91 bucks for something you cant see, hear, or polish!!! mind you not alot of point having the trick bits without a battery??? when my bikes have stood i always spray just a little WD 40 down each bore but dont drop the bloody red straw in!!!!!!!
today will be the finishing of putting all the fairings and stuff back on... and got to do something for turn signals maybe might just leave them off...