Ok, here goes an attempt at a poem


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I was talking to this really fat guy. I mean Orka fat--315 pounds at a 5'1'' height. Anyway, he told me that bikes like the Busa scared him cause they were all fast and uncontrollable. But------the poem is not really about fat guys or Busas. It is about fast bikes and why we so willingly jump on.....

Anyway, here is my attempt at a poem. I said ATTEMPT!

Title: The Fast Bike (you guys jump in and change anything you like and try and make it a real poem):

Said the fat boy to the crouched bike,
Can I ride you for a while?
Why, you can try, said fast bike,
But you may not like the style.

Oh, I’ve ridden fast beasts, cried fat boy
Though he’d never guessed the guile
That the fast bike had hidden,
Waiting for his smile.

Come hop on it said, and I’ll take you for a ride
Though, I must declare that you might wear
Your rubber side up on this dare,
Worse for wear, worse for wear

The bike it screamed with fury
That bent the morning sun,
It measured neither pace, nor length, but rabidly did run
But smile with guile, it did, when death turned to its fun

When death turned to its fun, When death turned to its fun.

Well, you guys can take it from here. I'm curious where this might lead....

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Sorry mate, don't give up your day job
I got one.... it was actually writen by one of my 5th grade classmates back in the day~ For some reason I found it quite humorous and never forgot it~ It's better heard then read~ You gotta hear with a deep New Yoik kinda pronounciation along the way.... anyhow here it is...

(how it's spoken)
Thoity pouple boids..
sittin on a coib..
Choipin and ah boipin
and eatin doity woims!

(how it's written)
Thirty purple birds,
sitting on a curb,
chirpping and ah burping
and eating dirty worms~