ok gana do my first drag this friday need any advice and encouragement


ok gana do my first drag this friday need any advice and encouragement any gots to offer.

First off I don't expect anything out of this besides a good time and a few passes.

Wasn't expecting to race till next week but i got the friday off and decided just to go for it. so i had a aplinestar octane two piece suit overnighted for the occasion and was over due for a riding suit anyways.

so i got the gloves the boots the helm two piece suit and :nervous:butterflies the :nervous:size of godzilla:nervous:. because this is the first time i'll be ridding in front of a crowd and first time I've raced. so any words that can make this a little easier and maybe shrink the butterflies to maybe dog size(teacup chihuahua)
Relax, if your not comfortable with it ,then by all means don't do it.. Good luck to you, and ride safe.. wear Ur gear.. Keep us posted on how you did, Oh, and we like pics :laugh::laugh: Good luck to you. :angel: sending the busa angel for good luck and safety..


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Focus on your lane and the tree, don't focus on the spectators or the guy in the lane next to you. Start off launching like you are leaving a traffic light and then get progressively harder.
Just pretend your playing on the street with the busa. Don't even think about the crowd because then you WILL get nervous. Just concentrate on relaxing and having a good time. Competition creates jitters.
Relax, hang on, enjoy the ride...

Like was already said, launch like at a traffic light at first, then get more and more aggressive.. Best of luck.


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Take it easy! Just go down the track the first couple times like normal and don't launch hard. This way you'll get the feel for the track and see what it's all about. You'll get faster and launch harder as your comfort level rises.

You'll feel the crowd expects something from you, don't worry about it.

(I posted a vid of me stalling at the starting line "don't try this at home" and I've been running for years...it still happens on occasion)


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dont forget your teather kill switch...dont worrie about your times, they are gonna suck...be lucky to get better then a 12...concentrate on your reaction times, and 60 foot...its very hard to get a good launch out of the busa...when you get below 2 seconds then above 128 mile an hour in the quarter, you will start having some real fun....on average it will take 7-15 passes before you figure it out...also know that a faster speed doesnt always = quicker times...work on time not speed, be consistent
Relax and focus on what you have to do . Dont even look around at the crowd or the rider in the other lane. Do your burnout and pull to the line. look to see where the timing lites are at and slowly pull into the pre stage beam. I usually wait for the other rider to pull into the pre stage lite then I pull into the stage lite. If ya want bring the rpms up just a little bit maybe 2,000 or 3,000 watch the yellow lites countdown and ease it off the line and when you feel comfortable twist the throttle more and more as you get down the track. Do that a few times and get used to it and then after a few runs raise the rpms a little more and get used to it. My 1st time out I ran a 11.58 @ 127 mph ,that was just taking it easy. I got 6 runs the 1st time and then next time out I got into a little more each time raising the launch rpms and now I am leaving at 8,000 rpms and running low
10's at 135 mph. Remember take it slow and work you way up as you get more comfortable, relax and enjoy the ride and oh yeah hold on its gonna be an awesome ride.
Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.


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The launch will depend on the track and the prep on that track. Your tire might bite good on the street 9 out of 10 times, but on a cold strip it'll spin like it's on ice. 2 hours later on the same track it might grab and throw you up looking at the sky.

Just be prepared for either.

first time out was not a very pretty sight espcialy when it came to trying to get my tires to hook up. around 7-9k rpms in 1st gear the back tire would usually give way. Not to mention I am horrible coming out of the hole. thought it wasn't to bad since I was supposed to exected 120mph since i didnt have a full suit since the first one wasnt the right size(all sites should say weather they use euro or us sizes; and wat kind of us based company sells in euro sizes?). anyways got another 6 days till the next time i go and will have a suit that fits for sure by then(went to the local shop to get one fited for me with help of the tux shop measureing me)
Did you lower your air pressure any? Sounds like you had 30-40lbs in your tire. I usually run around 12-18lbs at the track. Depends on my 60ft. Once you get your 60 down your et and mph will automatically drop. The more seat time you get the more you will improve your 60.
What was the tire pressure? What kinda burnout did you do,long or just a short one?
What rpms did you launch at ? When I 1st started racing I would launch at 4000 rpms
and just ease into the throttle and then each time out I would work my way up to higher rpms. Now I am launching @ 8000 rpms easing out the clutch and as I do that going to full throttle. If I dont do that it will pop the front tire up. Keep trying and you'll get it there and good luck

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