Oil Return Through Crank Case Vent

Discussion in 'Turbo' started by Beebermd, Nov 15, 2016.

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    first off, many thanks to the org. i have a gen 1 turbo buggy i built almost exclusivly with the search function here. but i need a little advice. my turbo (14b) sits behind and above the motor, almost at head level. I currently have the oil return going down to the pan, but the angle isnt ideal and i think its backing up. does any one see a problem adding a return to the crank case vent housing and returning the oil there? its almost perfect location for where my turbo sits. this is adding a return, NOT using the actual vent hose. the case will still vent as usual. thanks
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    I think it would cause problems,air trying to go one way and oil the other in the oil separator area of the breather ,
    try the clutch cover , not hard to make an adaptor to fit in the fill plug or just a bulk head fitting further down
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