Oil problems

Once, just ONE FREAKING TIME, I'd like to have a vehicle that doesn't leak oil all over my $%^&ing garage.

The last week or so I've noticed an ever growing oil spot under the bike. The oil level was a bit high and it was due for a change anyway, so I figured the combination of the older oil and a tad too much in the crank case had the thickness way down and it was seeping through somewhere. It seemed like it was getting progressively worse though.

I had the fairings off to change the oil and do a few things yesterday (lots of oil inside the plastics) and noticed a drip coming from the oil cooler on the left side (I think that's probably the lowest point though, so it may be coming out of another spot and just dripping off there).

After the change it continues to leak, and now it seems to be new oil coming out. So it's looking more and more like I need a oil cooler. Anyone got one lying around?

It's really starting to pizz me off because it gets blown all over the headers and smokes like a head shop when I stop at a light.

Anyone else have leaky problems like this? Any advice?


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Sorry but I haven't had any of the sort. What year is your bike and how many miles does it have?
Only had 2300 on the clock when I bought it a couple of months ago. The thing eats up miles of road almost as fast as it eats up fuel.


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a rock could have come off of the tire and wacked it good. clean it up and find out where its coming from. hopefully its just one of the O-rings (easy to fix).
Thanks to everyone who answered thus far.

A little more info. I just had the left side plastics off and it still looks to me like it's coming from the oil cooler. I noticed a bit of oil pooled on each of the ridges/ribs/whatever on the left side of the cooler. I didn't see it up there until it had been running for a few minutes and the fan kicked on, then I could see the droplets of oil being moved about by the excess airflow from the fan.

So it's definitely running down the left side of the oil cooler. My original suspicion that it wasn't coming from where the drip can be seen but actually leaking from somewhere up higher and just choosing that as the lowest point from which to leave the bike was correct.

What's an oil cooler run and how bad is the install? Anyone have a used one lying around?


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For diagnosing oil leaks.
There is a dye sold at your local auto parts store.
It is added to your crank case oil and is visible with a black light.
Spend the 7 bucks on a bottle and dig out your black light.
It will show you where all the leaks truely are.

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