Oil Pressure warning light - gulp!...


When I pulled up this morning at work I noticed the oil pressure light was illuminated, revving it gently
made it go out.

Checked it this lunchtime - level ok, oil light works on 'system check' then goes out and doesn't illuminate again with the engine off or on.

I'm assuming a faulty switch, is there a history if this or am I risking blowing my motor!?

If it is an oil pressure problem I'd rather blow the engine and get it replaced rather than run an engine that has potentially been starved of oil.

It's done 7300 Miles and I've owned it from new.


You're probably going to need to tell the folks which year you have.

But it's the first I've read of such a problem on the boards. You can try a search for the problem but there's not telling what results you'll get.


How did you manage to get oil thick and black??

Should have been changed a maximum of 3300 miles ago(if current milage is correct and you stick to servicing schedule)
What are you doing, putting a joint of Beef in the crankcase to cook as you go along??

Very curious Nuts


Apart from the dyno run tomorrow and taking my bird to see a flat not a lot!

Hopefully my twin bro will pick up his new TL1000S so we can go for a blast!

I've run Mobil 1 before - excellent stuff, when I ran it in my race Golf engine the oil pressure was much lower when cold and rock solid when hot - top stuff.

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Just a sticky switch, had it checked out pressure was fine (thanks Carnells of Enfield for dropping everything to check it when I turned up unannouced!)

Couldn't find my power commander after my house move - I think I've thrown it away!

I've ordered another and had a base dyno run done on Dynospeeds D/J 250 to see where I stand.

It made 153.8 BHP stock (SAE corrected) with 7500 miles on the clock, not particularly good or bad I suppose.

The run definately showed a number of weak spots at certain throttle openings which are causing my stutter, can't wait to get the new PCII and custom map, then (touch wood) I'll be sssssstutter free!

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