Oil on frame


I just bought a used 2000 with 5,400 kms and after my first good thrash of about 500 kms last weekend I noticed oil spattered on the Ti Yosh can and on the frame above the oil filler. Last night with the faring off I saw oil all over the two black covers on that side and everything in that area of the engine was wet with oil and it was dripping from the pan bolts. Someone on the Yahoo busa site said they had the same symptoms, but their mechanic was laid up and didn't have a diagnosis or solution yet. Anybody here know what's causing it? and if so, how to stop it? Apart from that, I am in love. That baby flat performs.
Your seals are just leaking. Most likely the oil pan gasket and/or clutch cover gasket needs to be replaced. Just change them on your next oil change.

I had that same problem, replaced the pan gasket and 4K miles later it is still dry.
I dont want to be alarmist here, BUT!!! Has the bike had the oil pressure based camchain tensioner mod and is the oil comming from a cracked crank case where the oil feed pipe goes into the crank case? If so, the union was torqed to the wrong setting as was originally incorrectly stated by suzuki on the recall mod sheet.

If this is the case it is a very serious engine strip.


You're probably correct. But, the questions that are begging to be asked are, "how could so much oil be forced through the gasket?" and, "doesn't that show that there must be excessive crank case ventilation pressure?

We have bad gas here. Could I have a "small" hole in a piston?

Until just recently we couldn't get any kind of octane booster here and the gas her in Saudi is very low (m+r)/2. All the Harley guys who went with measly 10.5:1 pistons use the good one for an ashtray and the smart ones went back to stock compression.

What yer think?