Oil light coming on


When the bike is warm and I turn it off the oil light and check display comes on. I checked my oil level and its fine. When I start the motor the light goes off. It wont do it when the engine is cold. Any suggestions?
I just checked mine. I have a 2000 and it does this also.
When this happens to you is your key in the run position with the kill switch turn off? If I kill mine with the switch instead of the key you can hear the fuel pump shut off and the oil light comes on. After a few seconds the check sign comes on and the temp gage pegs full hot. As soon as I turn the kill switch back to run this all goes back to narmal except the oil light, it stays on until I start it back up.
This all happened just now and I haven't ran it at all today.
Did you guys ever figure out what is the deal with this? jwcfbd you described exactly what my 01 Busa did to me yesterday. Any advice or information you learned as a result of your similar incident?

Thanks, maoz