Oil Leak

I have an oil leak. It is leaking from the see thru clutch cover, at the glass. The company I bought it from is sending me a new one but not a see throu one. They will fix my current one and send it back. My question is, to remove my current clutch cover, is it as simple as removing the fairing and unbolted the clutch cover and putting on the new one?
Thanks, they do look cool though. I'd rather not have a leak then to have my clutch cover light up. The see through one only lasted about 500 miles.

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Yes they all leak. Thats why those monkeys didn't just simply send you another see-through one. GL :beerchug:
I have had mine on for 2 full seasons and now we are into the third.. no leaky yetti... :laugh:

I get more comments on that cover than anything else on the bike (cheapest mod I did)..



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I had Joseph do mine---one of our members here on the board----been running mine for several months and several thousands of miles....I am having no problems with mine so I must say THANKS Joseph:thumbsup:
sorry you guys have been having the leaks...I would redo the silicone/RTV as Mr.Bogus spoke about (redoing it all and allowing proper cure time) and hopefully that will fix your issues
Glad I saw this thread about the leaky clear covers, one of the few mods that I thought I might actually do someday. Scratch that off the list. I prefer leak free to "Cool cover!".
Well, I took the plunge and took the fairing off, removed the clutch cover, and tried to repair the leak. It was my first time removing the fairing. It was fairly easy. Anyway, I thought the leak was coming from the screws that held down the lexan. I put Ultra Black over the screws and let it sit for about 21 hours. I put everything back together, ran the bike for 5 minutes and it was still leaking. Darn :cursin:

Yesterday, last night about 9:00, I tried it again. I took everything off and this time, I applied the Ultra Black to everything. (This was suggested by Mr. Bogus but I didn't listen) I placed Ultra black between the cover and the lexan and then put the Ultra over the screws. I'm waiting for it to cure now.

I sure hope this stops the leak.
Used the Ultra Black and put it on thick and covered the screws that hold the lexan in place. The SOB still leaks, admittedly, less than before but it still leaks. :soapbox:

I called the seller and they gave me a couple of options. I am just going to get a regular chrome one (Says Hayabusa on it), and they will send me the difference in cash. I will miss the clutch cover lighting up but I don't really ride at night or hang out at bike nights. I will still have my l.e.d. lights on the rest of the bike.

Thanks again for all the advise on this.

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