Oil change

I just got a new to me 09 bursa and was wondering if its ok to dump and replace the oil without the filter, manual says its ok, oil only has 250 km on it but bike was stored in non temperature controlled garage, worried about moisture, this would save me the PITA fairing removal week one, regards:beerchug:
It's really not that bad to change the filter. I done mine without taking the fairing off. I don't think it would hurt if you didn't change it but I would change it all if I was doing it. By the way welcome to the org. :welcome:
Thanks for the response ive learned a lot from all the reading I've been doing this site, its a library of information. I,m going to pull the fairing and do the filter and use it as a good time to clean and detail. Regards
I guess you can but imo its like taking a shower with your clothes on. 2 things I don't like taking short cuts on, maintanence on my motorcycle and hygiene.


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I always replace the filter with the oil every time. Like said above, it gives me a chance to wipe everthing down under the fairing while I have it off the bike. Just be careful tightening up the drain plug.

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