oil change without removing cowl?


Does anybody change there oil without removing the right side cowl? I asked the dealer if I could watch because I have never had the RH cowl off and do not have an owners manual yet (THANKS ALBA ACTION SPORTS FOR NOT PROVIDING IT! 3 WEEKS and COUNTING). The service manager says they don't remove it but I could watch anyway.


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I'd want to be sure they actually changed it. I don't doubt that they told you it was done.


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I dont take it all the way off . I just remove the two pushpins on the bottom ,one thats near the radiator and the two side faring bolts.Once all that is loose the fairing should pop out enough to get your hand on the filter. I use a vicegrip filter wrench and go thru the bottom air duct just enough to loosen it enough for my hand.

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I did it with a small mod to the fairing and I am able to change the oil in less then 15 minutes. You do need to have a small piece of aluminum foil to put under the filter to catch the small drip of oil that will come out. No way was I going to fight the hassle of pulling off and reattaching the fairing. This maintenance issue should not be that big of an issue...but it is the way Suzuki designed the bike. I know they wanted to make the Gen II sleeker looking, but that is one thing the Gen I has I like...bolts on the outside for removing the fairing.

Hope the pics help...

DSC01576 (Medium).JPG

DSC01577 (Medium).JPG

DSC01578 (Medium).JPG

DSC01579 (Medium).JPG

DSC01580 (Medium).JPG

DSC01581 (Medium).JPG

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It is the same amount of room getting to the filter with the fairing on as off. You only have so much room to put your hand and tools in there to begin with, this just allows me to do it without removing the fairing. Any who...it may not be everyones cup of tea to cut the fairing...just worked well for my needs.

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I did it before the paint but... with the old paint that was on there before I cut ~1/8th of an inch from where I wanted to be then used a round sand paper bit for the dremel an smoothed to the finished line. Then using a de-burring tool, trimmed the edges smooth. Had it stayed the original color you would never have noticed (original color BLACK). Being that the plastic is black that would have been OK.

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Naw... it is a frame slider off a GSXR1000, I did how ever do a mod to the pegs for long distance riding and they made all the difference in the world. (Kuryakan pegs and they had Hayabusa adapter pegs for the bike) Kuryakyn Rear Peg Adapters for Suzuki Hayabusa 99-08 - Motorcycle Parts and Accessories - Suzuki Hayabusa Foot Pegs

Any peg they have will fit the bike with the proper pegs (which is why I posted that link) I just did a one day 700 mile ride and these pegs gave my legs the room to adjust and made the trip enjoyable.

Sorry for the thread jack...I will go back to my corner:whistle:

DSC01641 (Small).JPG

DSC00599 (Small).JPG

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