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A heads up to all..... The day is at hand when we will be moving all the site to a new server. We will be starting the transfer of data on Friday night so there might be some features that don't work for a few minutes at a time. The current server has been running non-stop for almost 2 years and its time for an upgrade and spring cleaning. The new server rocks and we already have the OS and supporting applications installed and running. If things go correctly then we should only have to make minor tweaks and move data... We have been planning this for some time now. You have to remember that the gallery, upload center, board, chat, main website, videos and more are all seperate applications that have been merged to work seamlessly. We are going to be installing some new things soon so get ready, this is just a needed task long coming. The old servers have many years of data, logs, and tested apps on them that we want to clean off. All in all we run 4 servers now just for because of redudancy and load balancing. If things go well you should just notice a few minutes of interruption each time we transfer data.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the notice. There is nothing worst then trying to open up the board just to find that it is unavailable. CRASH FLASHBACKS.

Is Lost In Space still on tv?
That crazy robot.
Just to let everybody know.. caffeene donations can be sent to... crap, Doug, what's your address again?
Dutman , Did you really join in Dec. ? If so how did you get so many posts ? Almost 200,000 a month !? Dam'n i'm behind !!!
Dutman , Did you really join in Dec. ? If so how did you get so many posts ? Almost 200,000 a month !? Dam'n i'm behind !!!
Actually, I originally joined in August I think.. and then had to re-signup in December after fixing what is now known as the Great Crash of 2002. I figured about 10 minutes of admin this site is equal to 100 posts or so... and after nights like last night.. I think I may have to increase my post count again.

Lets just say, 15 hours 4 Dr. Peppers some cany bars and a box of buffalo wings later, the site came back online with the new server..

Realisticly though.. i probably have about 50 or so.. most of wich are things about this site and some jokes.. I'm way to poor to own a busa (especially at 21.. ins would kill me).. so I don't get in on much of the other topics. I know more about hayabusa's now than most people I know though.. thanks to the everybody on this site. Maybe one of these days I'll get one myself.
Refresh your "cache" the link is working fine you have the old page in your temp files.....
well okieday here at home, darn that p.o.s. workstation! guess I been had once for now. maybe I was worried that had something to do with the low online membership today.

it has been a long week.  
Cool , Thanks for your help on the site Dustman . And don't worry someday you'll be old enough for insurance.