Off topic, these new propane tanks for the grill..


I don't know if this is just a local thing or what, but around here, they're making everyone upgrade to these new-fangled propane tanks (for the grill) with a device called an "Overfill Protection Device". They have a totally different fitting on the tank, so you are forced into buying a 7 dollar adaptor, and a new 60 dollar tank with the OPD.

Personally, I think this is a bunch of marketing Communist Sh*t. I mean, really, people... When's the last time you heard of an injury or fatality from some numb nutz overfilling his propane tank?!? I challenge ANYONE here to show me statistics.

And on top of it, they have a "Deposit Fee" to take the OLD tank off your hands. More propaganda. Why in the world would I PAY someone to take my old propane tank?!?

If it can't be reused ever again, well hell! I'm taking it out back and shooting at it until it explodes. THAT ought to make for some good Independence Day fireworks, eh?
You need the George Foreman grill, forget all that grilling stuff, pull them out of the freezer throw them on and 15 minutes later there done!
:hammerhead: Yep its commi plot... no way out... It must be summer thoughts turn to BBQ and so on...

I likes charcoal and Keawe wood ( meskite )
Love the smoked flavor man -
Just remember keep the flames away from the busa atall times!!! :argue: :hammerhead:
At first I thought this thread was going to be about some new mod for the 14 Foreman Grills.
Wow that sucks... Down here you just exchange the old one for the new one with the overflow... all you pay for is the gas. Your getting pumped.