Off to Jones Beach NY


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Woooo hooooo! My wife & I have Ultimate Pimp tickets for tonights Godsmack show. It means we get a pre-show party with complimentry beer, wine, soda, snax where we get to meet them, take pics, get autographs, we each get a gift bag full of stuff, VIP parking, 2 tix in the first 10 rows (we won't find out where our seats are until we get there but I'll be happy anywhere in the first 10 rows). Shine Down & Rob Zombie are the opening acts. This will be our 4th time seeing Godsmack. And number 5 will be Oct 19 at Mohegan Sun in CT. Hopefully I'll have pics to post tomorrow or Monday. See ya!


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(nitrousjunkie @ Sep. 09 2006,07:54) Dude,their bass player is insane! Pick me up a T-Shirt!  
NJ, sorry man. I just got home and am reading this. Had I saw it ahead of time I would have. Sorry again. The show was awesome. We had row A seats 7 & 8. In other words front row center. We were up against the rail all night. John 5 from Rob Zombie put a pic in my hand and high fived me. Then during Godsmack after the drum dual Sully gave my wife a drum stick, then after the show Shannon Larkin came up to my wife & I and handed us each a drum stick. All that after a pre-show party where we got to meet them. I have a sore throat & neck. It was sweet


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Sounds like you had a great time... I am jealous as he!!.
You can make me feel better... post some pics!

thx for sharing...

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