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Most of us dirtbike riders are used to open space, hills, desert (especially West coasters) and the like. Yesterday Isiahstites, me and an amazing 79 year old names Don (had a Busa and now rides a Duc!) packed up and went into high country (7-9k elevation) in the Sierras to ride. For those of you that know that region of back country, we launched near Lake Alpine. I can't believe the fun I've been missing all these years! I used to ride off road a lot when younger but I must have forgotten the pleasures and thrills. I would love to take credit for riding over logs, big rocks, narrow singletrack off camber forestland with no crashes....but it's really a testament to the amazing modern 250 motocrossers with their lightness and forgiving and capable.

In no particular order below are the few pics I took, it's hard to think photography when you are focused on the next jump, water crossing or straight up assent over fractured rock! A couple of the below pics show a canyon wall that goes straight down at least 2000 feet, the pics do not represent it very well but it is just as amazing as the Grand Canyon, with NO PEOPLE. After adjusting the valves on my CR 250, it is a one kick starter even at 9000 feet....I am so pleased but I am going to buy a kickstand so I don't have to look for a tree or big rock everytime I stop. Doyle (btw, over 5 hours of hard riding and I used ONE gallon of gas!) pss...notice Scott going through DEEP water looking like he's on a personal watercraft.....













Enjoying 1 road at a time
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I love so many parts of North America, I just can't see myself away from the high mountains however. Now that Isiahstites has shown me places in the mountains (alpine/pine forest type) that can be riden legally on motorcycles, that gets added to my hiking and mountain bike riding....I'll never leave! (don't get me wrong, there's plenty of fun to be had in the big city, I just don't want to have to hear my neighbors blow dryer coming on daily!)


Awesome. I just got back from the Rubicon Trail in the Sierra's with my 13 year old son doing a good part of the trail on a four day Jeep/Camping trip. Speaking of older riders, I ride with two guys, Gary (71, S1000rr) and Dane (66, CBR1000rr) predominantly. Their usual ride starts Sunday morning at Starbucks and pretty go all day with stops only for coffee and fuel, twisties only, for 350-450 miles. I love riding with these guys. Their spirit is indomitable.


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I like the muddy part...I need to get back into dirt/trail riding. Thanks for posting up the pictures and description!
Here are my pictures from yesterday and a few more from a few weeks ago. I can't stand living in this **** hole!

A few weeks ago my brother in law and I took the quads up to Genoa Peak in Tahoe........the ride stunk and the scenery was terrible. I hate the Sierra Mountains in all it's glory as the trail riding stinks and it's no fun at all.

Here was our crappy panorama view after the hike to Genoa Peak, terrible! I mean who could really enjoy this type of scenery?







After the Tahoe debacle I was somehow coaxed to go riding again yesterday. This time with my good friends Doyle and Don (Phantom). We went up Ebbets Pass, you wouldn't believe how terrible the scenery is up there at almost 10,000 feet, oh and the air quailty is terrible as well. Anyways we headed down to Bear Valley just past Lake Alpine. More of the same, terrible trails, the scent of pine trees (nasty) and scenery that's right up there with the desert.

After loading up we got fuel and made the 2+ hour drive to Bear Valley, if I ever see another pine tree with a blue sky background I may choke.

My friend Don warming the bike up

We stopped here for lunch, cold bean burrito with a breeze, again awful!

Had to stop and use the bathroom, that bean burrito really did me in, just my luck no TP. Needless to say the Marine Corps did teach me a few things, I left this location with no sleeves on my t-shirt, what an unlucky bastard I am.

And then there was this canyon, what a black hole. I would recommend none of you to go there ever.

Must of been a 2-3000 foot drop, sure to kill you if you fell. Stay away it's dangerous.


And then there was this very ugly low on water reservoir called Salt Springs...........salt, really? Just my luck not fresh water.



On the way back we ran across all of these hugh ponds in the road way, dam it my bike was going to get dirty. I figured the faster I went the less chance of getting it dirty.


After some single track on the edge of the canyon walls (it was hideous) we got back to the truck and can you believe it? Look how freaking dirty this thing is!

Almost forgot here is my miserable friend Doyle at the cabin we found and ate lunch. Finally some shade

Just my luck on the way home had a huge thunder and lightning storm with plenty of hail included. Sure didn't make for a very good picture.


So as you can see I am not really enjoying life up here in the Sierra's.........thinking of going back to Cali to live in the concrete jungle, ****ty air and that wonderful government. As you can see I am hating life!
Oh the suffering you were enduring....It looks like we could all use a little pain and suffering of that sort in our lives.

Most terrible post torturing us with your shenanigans & fun having ways....shame on you. :beerchug:

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