Odered a Throttlemiester for My 03 Busa


Has anyone done this mod to their 03 Busa? If so, how hard is it to do? and is it a good mod to have? Sorry, with all the questions...kinda new to the board, but it sure is a great place for getting help from people who are up to speed on all these mods. Thks!

I like mine & Not that hard to do but my old bar ends were a bitch to get off. finally had to drill it off. Just follow instructions. I found a site that gave step by step with pics I'll try to locate it and post. aloha - Kent
I just changed my bar grips and bar ends and after discussing with the forum you need a #3 Phillips screwdriver to remove the OEM ends. They come right off which was a relief after all the time I had put in trying to get them off.
Thank you all for the advice...I new I can count on this forum. I let you guys know how it goes when I get them on. Once again. Thanks
I got mine on in like 15min

didn't have a problem getting the ends off either...granted I have access to a plethra of tools...great mod...major right wrist saver on long rides!!!!
Flyboy, here's my old post from April but sorry i cant find that website.