Number of POST you had on the old board


Dis in my way!
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OK guys this is the place that you can tell me how many post that you had on the old board and I can make the adjustments. Lets be sure that we dont get creative with the numbers either, this is also going to be the post for someone to call BS if your number is exaggerated. The numbers don't mean a lot to me but its a status thing and I am groovy with that. So let me know how many post that you had here. Also if you need titles changed and such let me know I can do that too.

I was about 950 + and said " I'm gonna do something special at 1000" ...
Awww, that's sweet Captain.

I remember 545 posts before we went down. If I can have a title change, I would love to be "Busa Titan". If not, I can wait until I make 700 posts. Honestly though Capt., the numbers really mean nothing to me, I guess I really must have been that boring
Anyway, I'm just glad to have the board back more than anything else.

Thanx...and for all YOU do, this BUSA's for YOU.
I would love to be "Busa Titan".  If not, I can wait until I make 700 posts.  
It's quite a bit higher now. There are more titles on the way up, though. I just changed them, going with a 'pilot'/busa theme. I hope that makes it bit more fun on the way up, instead of just hitting 500, getting 200 more to go custom and then that's it.
I went ahead and bumped the numbers for those that posted. Go ahead and post a reply here. I want to make sure that the title changes, right now it just shows title for the original post number.
Well at least you did an audit before the crash. I was almost at the magic number of 2000. I had 1930 posts. what can i say i type a lot.

I had made it to senior status 350 post and woud have been well into the 400's if we had not had the bad luck with the board going down...

It would be cool to regain a bit of status but I'm cool with whatever you decide...

Also I don't know what Paypal is but I do want to help with the cost of restoring and maintaining the board is there any other way to pitch in?
I had just hit 700. I thought you could change your own title at that point, I was going to change mine to Physicist Genii.
I was like 285...give or take 5...can't remember exactly, was about to be a senior member though.

BTW...can I change my title to Elejmal Rider? Pretty Please.

And someone should give Cache whatever he wants cause he is one of the most helpful people I've ever met.
I had approx 55-60, I think. But then I've been a member since Feb '02 so The number isn't all that important. It might even be a record low.

Great to see the board back up!
can't remember???

more than 300 less than 400.....

anywhere in between would be fantastic...
Of course the most important #'s are the ones on the odometer. And at certain times the ones on the speedo.
And someone should give Cache whatever he wants cause he is one of the most helpful people I've ever met.
Thanks, higg, but my help is available to everyone... can only do so much not being admin, but whatever I can do to help Captain, Narcissus, and our newest big friend, Dustman with the little things. I am usually around.

Cool...... i think i was somewhere near 500 and my title was Busa Jedi Princess..... (484) but i'm just happy to be back at it again....... sigh, kinda missed this place.

I think it was Busa Jedi Queen, but could be wrong. Just say what YOU want, and it will happen.

You will see through the posts that we all were missing this place.... feels like home again!

(warm and fuzzy cyber-family-hugs..)