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Hi Guys and girls,

Just saying hi, Im Phil, I live in North Nottinghamshire in the UK (Dont hold that against me now) and i had a dream of owning a...............Wait for it.......................Fireblade (Gulp, the crowd goes silent) yes thats right a Fireblade. I fell in love with my mates over 6 years ago and said i had to have one.

So i took the test, got a CBR 600 FX to cut my teeth on, druled over countless Blades id seen went to see a few for sale and then..............One day sat at the lights, i saw it. OH MY GOD, what is that. My mate told me it was a BUSA. Holly mother of hell, it was STUNNING, it was like nothing id seen before. I could hear a voice in my haed saying "Forget the Blade you want ME" and it was RIGHT...... I had to have one NOW!!!.

However, the nice man at the insurance office said "No" well he said a lot more than that really, somthing to do with only just passing my test and no experience, being a middle age new biker at which point i hung up on him.

I walked slowly back to the shed took a good look at the CBR and thought, ok so iv got you for another year at least then. That was 2008 now its 2009....

The insurance man said "Yes" so i was off to look for my Busa, Now to be honest i wanted a Busa around a 03 model, just due to cost really and the fact i dont get to ride very offten due to family and work commitments. I did not see the point of splashing out ££££££££££££ for some thing to sit in the shed most of the time.

So off i went, i must have been on the look out for around 5 to 6 weeks, scanned the net, Ebay, bike shops and so on, But i just could not find the one i wanted. You see it had to be the BLUE one or nothing, could i find one, could i hell, then i saw the Orange ones, humm that looks nice, but it had been sold already so no luck there either....

Then out of chance one sunday afternoon i walked in to the show room and saw what i think was an 04 in black, i say think cos just as i was looking at it the sales man put a SOLD board on it. Damb, no point in looking at that one then. "i can sell you a new one" i heard the sales man say. "No thanks mate, to much money for me right now". Then he pointed to 3 brand new Busa's sat in a line, "There over there if you change your mind" he said as he walked away..... Then i saw her, sat in the middle of 3 one blue (the one it had to be, remember) a black one and "her" a Pearl white 09 K8 LTD edition. i just stood there looking at her, she was amazing. No i thought, not a new one, no,No,NO. "How much, i asked". And the rest as they say is history.

So i now have a Pearl white Ltd Edition 09 Busa and i love her. Now dont get me wrong, i still hold a tourch for the Blade, but while every they make Busa'a the Blades just going to have to wait.

So in a nut shell that's "Me" summed up. hope you enjoed reading how i got here. I look forward to chating to you all soon and getting to know you.

PS any tips for a 30 somthing middle aged new biker would be great.

Catch you laters.


Foghoon Leghoon
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Ride safely and get used to the power.
She is a sweet beast and can get away if you are not careful.
I love the '09 white.
:welcome: to the ORG.


G'day Phil,
:welcome: to the org.
Congrats on your purchase, m8....a couple of good rides on that & you won't even remember what a blade looks like !! :agree:
I'm fairly new around here myself but I've found it to be a gr8 site....very informative and friendly as well !
Keep it fun,
bazman :beerchug:



I'm 30-something too and never considered myself middle that I think about it, I'm getting old!

have fun with the busa!


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:welcome: Definitely in the :rulez: for pix :whistle:

My tip, get out and meet some folks in your area that have some mods on their busa. When I was in the UK I saw only one busa, was pretty tricked out in stratford upon avon at the park/market on the water. Plenty of mods to be done, though I hear getting some of them imported into the UK can be a real beotch :whistle:


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Great choice. Take what it gives you and be patient. Your Busa will come alive when you aquire enough skills.
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"No really Hayadooin...."
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Welcome to the oRg. Hope you enjoy your new ride..... Post up some pics. BECAUSE


Thank you everyone for the warm welcome.

Pics as requested,

Thats My girlfriend on the bike, its not some bike show photo......

The day they handed me the keys.


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