NOT Impressed

You remove the entire flapper and the valve that operates it. I used a piece of the flapper to plug the hole for the valve with some contact cement. Be sure to block off the vacuum lines that went to the flapper valve. I lost some driveability (torque) from 2000 to 3000 rpm. I gained torque and hp (slight but measureble on the dyno) above 3000 rpm. I installed an Ivan's smart TRE and now my driveability is better than ever, especially in the lower gears plus my topend is derestricted. Would I do it again?....YES! it is virtually free hp.
fasrnu yessir, I heard that too by my dyno guy, my bike dynoed around 148 - 150 stock that is called sae (true hp), then hey said if you wanted the dynojet hp they inflate it like you said then it gos up to low 160's or so , basically all these mag claims and dealer hp are the inflated dynojet hp not the true sae, thats what I get out of it, im taking my bike to the dyno soon and see what my new 4-1 muzzy will do probably not as good as a brock hindle pipe but man it sounds good!
The busa killer is usually the busa rider. Most of us who have been riding and have some experience can take on any of those other bikes and keep them way beyond arms length. I love my busa and dont care what everyone else says.. i havent raced as much as I would have liked due to the bike being so new, but a couple of the guys I ride with ( who have busas) have taken no prisoners when we have been challenged by other bikes including , r1s, zx12s, and a slew of others who's balls turned out to be much bigger than the tail lights on the busa way in front of them. I got to be the witness due to my bike being so new. I say given 2 bikes within a couple of horsepower of each other , the busa wins with the better rider, we are better cuz we picked the busa in the first place making us smarter , smarter riders know their bikes better and can compensate for a couple of horsepower here or there... forget the hype... busa riders rule.. front ends up in the air in the almighty busa salute... we ride therefore we are... sounds good dont it... ride safe and think of how many times you have heard.. you got an r1 wow (hardly ever) ... compared to how many times you have heard , "you got a busa, sweet ride". I have had my bike 5 weeks and have already got more props than I expected....