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So I figured being I seem to be checking out this board just about every night and the fact that I've made some posts allready, I should introduce myself and give a hello to everybody.

As you've all probably have seen allready, I'm from Everett Washington. Plan on getting my 'busa in 2 months and counting! It will be my first streetbike, though I do have experience with dirtbikes out on the sand dunes. Not quite the same, but I figure all the 'Lets see what stunts we can survive through!' attitude I had with that bike has apeased the squidy side of me for a long while.

Now I know allot of ya don't believe in the Busa being a first bike. To be honest I don't care!  
First thing that attracted me to the bike was the complaints of it's heaviness. I'm a big guy and I've allways hated the idea of having a bike that I could heft onto my shoulder (yes I can heft a 350-400# bike onto my shoulder). I feel a bike should be proportional to the rider...and the 'busa is definitly that. I then went to the dealer and tried it out, gotta say that of all the bikes I've tried it has been the top when it comes to comfort. Another big deal for me as I plan on actually useing it and enjoying it. Not sitting in a parking lot telling my friends how many cops I lost on my way there and how my sunglasses match the bike perfectly. So, with everything I've seen...I still love the Hayabusa. If I tip it over? I'll pay for the repairs. If I crash it? I'll cry like a frenchman...then pay for the repairs. As far as speeding...well, I can't. With my LE training I've gone through I can almost safely say that every other officer on patrol in my area knows me by name  
 which sucks for me.

So to rap it up, in 2 months I'll be taking my safety course (I picked a great season to buy a bike...), hopefully buying my new bike, and of course...posting pics!

Thanks for having such an awesome board! It's nice to see a mature crowd with these bikes instead of some of the 'kids' I've read from other forums. Oh...and the White/chrome debate about the LE being the fastest color? White is a shade, not a color. Red tops supreme yo!  


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I wuz in your shoes when I joined thi s group to,2 months later,I got mine.
There are a few peeps from the washington area.



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You've got the right idea and the Busa was my first and only sport bike ever, so who am I to ever judge?  

Glad to have you here and I hope the next 2 months go by quickly!!!  Post up pics when you get it


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Welcome to the board and a great group..............
...........looking forward to seeing your bike in the future.


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You don't have to worry about speeding do ya? In my area cops don't give other cops or members of their families tickets. A cop killed some people by running into them on the freeway doing 105mph and only lost his job. He said he was late for a dinner engagement.

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