Northern california riders!

Okay Guys!!! Here it is 1 month away from our planned trip to Los Angeles to ride with the Southern Cali folks from and some folks from LaBusas. When the topic was first brought up I got lots of responses from people wanting to come with me and my sister to LA for a weekend of FABULOUS riding! I am opening the invitation once again to anyone up North (Cali) or anywhere really, who wants to go on this ride!!! I am leaving on thursday 8/22 and trailering my bike down. If you can't leave thurs., friday is fine we will meet you at a designated spot in LA. I will have directions for everyone coming ahead of time. Howlin Mad posted a picture of one of the areas we will be riding in and it looks AWESOME!!

If you are interested, please reply to this post and we can get in touch and finalize the details!!! This ride is open to all bikes, not just Busa's!!! (not everyone is that lucky) so please invite your friends too!

Looking forward to a great weekend of riding and hanging out!! Can't wait to meet you!!



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Lo, Howlin_mad has my email and phone number and said that he will let me know whats goin on but I just wanted to let you know that Im tryin my hardest to get out that way. Its gona be one hell of trip for little ol me, being from Texas and all. Im lookin at just over 1800 miles. YEA!

Keep me up to date.

Ok..designated spot in L.A.....sounds me..if i can go!
I would leave early friday and be there early know..why..hehehe...Good job LoBusa..hope i can make it.
Hey Hawaii, next year same weekend in celebration of your birthday it's on!! sorry you can't make it this year but we will party a little extra in your honor

well guys, once we have info on the hotel and what time people are planning on hookin up, i will pass it all on to you. i plan on riding friday, saturday and maybe a short one on sunday. i think some are planning on just saturday and sunday. however it works out is great!!!


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