Nooo! High-beam decides to quit working...


Got the DMV Inspection tomorrow and going over the bike tonight one lastr time and the hi-beam decides to not work.

Blue light on dash not coming on at all. Replaced fuse, replaced bulb. Is there anything else?????

Is there a ground or something I could of missed when I replaced the nose?
do they actualy check the high beams there? i wouldn't think there would b a prob with that. then again we dont have inspections anymore here in okla.:thumbsup:


Pulled low beam fuse, got test light on with that one of course (test light works at least...)

Pulled hi-beam fuse, turned dimmer switch to Hi-beam. Test light not burning from that fuse socket...

Switch suddenly go bad??? Followed the wiring diagram in the manual & I didn't notice any other relays or fuses.

Am I missing something obvious here? Disassemble the switch on the bar maybe?


Left gauge cover? I'm not following you... You mean beneath the left gauge itself or where the fuse box is?

Pulled the instrument cluster out and see a green connector? I've pulled all the connectors I can see apart and sprayed them with some Silicone Spray (Dielectric)...


I've pulled every connector I can find apart, still nothing! But every other light works fine... Is there something else?


What the? After typing my last I went over and flicked the switch on & off rapidly and the dang Hi-beam came on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:thumbsup:

But the Blue indicator did flicker a bit then came up to full strength... I'm letting it run with the Hi-beam on for a couple of minutes...

Thanks for the help all! I'm desperate...


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I bet the contacts in the switch are getting corroded up a little.. Take the control apart anrt and clean it up with contact cleaner.. :thumbsup:
We bought this from a fellow Jarhead buddy of mine. USAA totalled it for plastics damage and he bought it back, got some used plastics off eBay and took it to the Salt Flats. So yes, there is definitely some evidence of corrosion on the small nuts & bolts...

After seeing this stuff, I would NEVER take any of my bikes to Bonneville! If you look back on some of my pics in other post, there is one that has chunks of salt in the airbox.


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Sodium contamination...take the entire switch apart and clean it completely.....there's a reason LSR folks have a Bonneville Busa, and a Maxton Busa.....and most don't have light switches anyway......

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