Noisey Busa


This doesn't sound good. A new 02' I put 100 miles on it Saturday. I am the only person to put any miles on this thing. The dealer never test rode it. I put 3 miles on it the day I picked it up and this is the first real ride I have had. It sounds like a bird chirping and doesn't go away when warmed up. I did notice it quieted down when I pulled the clutch in. I will take it to the dealer. This bike is completely stock. Any ideas?
I hate to say it but the Busa does have a noisy clutch. But being a new bike I would still bring it back and see what they say.
When the bike is sitting there,
put it in neutral-put the key in-
turn the key on-before you start it you'll hear a whine.
Thats the fuel pump, on my 2002 its not insulated and you hear it when its running.

To solve-get a set of 2 Brothers C2 bolt ons.

GUYS, it isn't the fuel pump. I had a 250lph in my Stang, I know what the wine sounds like. Don't you rember what the VW bug sounded like. Same exact noise. Someone at said it was gunk on the output/input shaft.
The noise is coming from the clutch. A mechanic at the dealer heard it on Sunday and told me they are noisey. It was his day off and he didn't want to get into it, but that noise isn't normal. I wonder if pulling it up in second at 50 miles on the ODO did some damage to the clutch plates?
it is the clutch plate noise.. but you dont hear the new bike.. i ride it very agresive in the trafic and it makes noise and i buy yohhimura clutch plate set..
and when you r starting you close your Clutch.. at n mode...

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Discreet, it is real hard to describe engine noises! Generally as a rule keep it simple, problems like this often reveal there location when something finally gives (sorry, for this). A whine type noise makes me think gear driven counterbalance, a chatter makes me think clutch or cam chain tensior. Does this condition affect performance? How long have you had this condition? Is the bike broke in? Have you ever wrecked your bike? These are just some of the questions that come to mind without actually being there..............
Sorry, I wish we could be of more help................Ks