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So I narrowed it down to this piece . I turn the key, i hear the fuel pump kick on and when I push the start button there's nothing.
Tip over switch, kick stand all work. All fuses are good. Checked the wiring harness from the Ignition and the engine kill button for an issues, none.
Did some research and came to what I think is a relay or the solenoid for the starter. The 30A fuse next to it is good.
So when I jump these 2 wires and it starts right up. so... does something need to be replaced or do I need to check something else?


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:bump: for someone who knows more than me about this :beerchug:
By passing the solenoid doesn't mean the solenoid is bad. You need to check whether the solenoid is getting power to the coil when the starter is pressed. There are things you haven't listed here. Have you checked the kill switch? Have you checked the clutch switch? Do you have after market leavers?
Not trying to ask a dumb question, but did you make sure the kill switch is on?
It should not be the kill switch. If it is switched off the fuel pump will not prime (at least mine doesn't). But like Busawhipped said, there is other things such as the clutch switch. Side stand switch? Have you made sure that it is in neutral? I have also seen the gear selector be bad and even if in neutral you will need to put the kickstand up and pull in clutch lever then see if it will start.
yes yes, all has been checked. Even pushed it myself in 2nd gear and let go the clutch and started it. I imagine all the basic common sense things I checked off as working.:beerchug:
If you checked everything good and there's voltage present on the coil side of the starter relay / solenoid , then you need a starter relay.
so there shouldn't be voltage on that side?
If i just those 2 sides, it starts right up, with a couple of sparks.
It just seems like the actual start button on the right grip is not send the signal. Everything else works.
If you hit and hold the starter button and there's voltage on the coil side but nothing happens then the solenoid is bad. If you do that and there's no voltage on the coil side you need to start going through the starter circuit to see what has you interlocked.
Ya. Like literally everything works as it should untill i hit the start button and the starter isn't turning
Check the wire that goes down to the starter and connection. Check to make sure you have a good ground from the starter to the cases.
Mine was acting like that and I found the starter was loose so it would not get a good ground. Cleaned and tightened everything good to go.
if anything would have a bad ground or loose , why does it start right up as if i was just pushing the start button when i jump those 2 big wires on the relay,. btw, btw, just found a severed wire on the main harness right infront of the triple tree. the harness got pinched in the head on wreck. will post a picture. i fixed those wires, and still nothing.

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