no power at high rpm when its cold out


i got my first busa last friday and have a question. the bike runs great when its warm out but if i ride it to work early in the morning or get off late at night when its cooler out my bike doesnt pull as hard as it does when its warmer out and it only does it at 100+ and at higher rpm i would say 7k+. when its warm the bike pulls hard through all gears only gotten it to 140 so far but it got there in a hurry. also it does it in all power modes. what could be causing this? i have ruled out fuel pump as it runs perfect any other time. also if you let off when it does it then get back on it it picks back up at full power. could this be a intake air temp sensor? the only reason i think its the cold is cuz when it happens my temp gauge drops a noticable amount. any help would be very appreicated. the bike is 100% stock with 16000 on it and is perfectly mechanicly sound as the place i bought it from did a full tune up and checked the motor over before i bought it cuz it had reached that time to have it serviced anyway.
Maybe a mass airflow sensor or a sensor of some sort. Def sounds electronic related tho. Sorry not much help I'm sure someone will chime in. Good luck and hopefully it's sorted out soon.