No owner's manual so a quick question


This might seem like a no brainer, but I didn't get an owner's manual with my bike. I was wonder if someone can tell me if the oil in the window should be between the two lines while it's leaning on the kickstand or if you pull it over so the bike is level then it should be between the two lines or better yet how much oil should I put in with a filter and oil change?


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Always check the oil with the bike standing level. Get someone to help you if you need to, and yes between the lines.
When it is level it should be between the 2 lines.
I like mine a little more full than not (closer to the top line).
Most guys put in 4 quarts with a filter.
Thanks guys! :beerchug: I think I overfilled it then. Time to go drain some oil!
Hey man, search the site as I'm sure there is a manual posted somewhere. if you couldn't find it go to Suzuki and ask them for a spare or photocopy it. You need to have your manual til you know how to treat your baby. Or I suppose you can always ask your family at the .Org


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general consensus......4 qts. of your prefered brand w/filter. you don't wanna fill it to the top line cuz then the crank starts to sweep through the oil wish causes rotating resistance.

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