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Just wanted to say hello to everyone.  I just sold my 03 BMWR1150 RT and bought a 03 Hayabusa that I pickup SAT.  The dealer is putting on a set of helibars.  I realize that there are a million mods that I can do.  I have one that I would like to do  that I have not really haven't got an answer for.  I would like to lower the rear about an inch.  Can I do that without lowering the front and not affecting the handling or performance?

Thanks in adavance

Tony Reed
Welcome...I'm new too...seems to be a great place!
Congrats on your new Busa, by the way...:)

Welcome Longbow. As with other newbies , we like pictures! Enjoy your busa dude!


Tony, Welcome and congratulations....
Lowering the rear wont really affect your regular riding that much, Unless you plan to do some hard track riding, but it will surely make the front much lighter, the bike will lift up much more....
I tried this for a bit & thought it made the busa look like a dirt bike or a grasshopper....eventually I lowered the front also now I'm back to stock setup as potholes in NYC are killing my babe...need as much height as I can get.

Anyway enjoy the advise is lower the rear and ride around a dont have to tear up the road just take it easy and you will see for yourself how much the lowering has affected your traction. It's not going to destroy the bike....if you dont like it just go back I did

Hope this info helps
Welcome both of you. Wow! Another woman also? Michelle. Show pictures of your bikes when you both can.

Hey Paul -
Hi-jacking this thread for a minute  

I don't have my Busa yet...the wait is driving me nuts!
I've got to sell my Harley first...then, I'll post pics!
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the welcome.  I have decided to ride her for awhile before I decide to do the lowering thing.  Maybe I will like her the way she is.

Again thanks for the welcomes,

Tony Reed
Hi Michelle,

Sorry you have to sell the Harley. I have both a Road King and the Busa. It's fun to ride both kinds. I think you will like the Busa more though.

Hey Paul -

My husband has a 1200 Sportster, so when I feel the urge to ride a Harley, I'll just jump on his! I suspect I'll enjoy the Busa more too