No dashboard power, infact no nothing help

OK - guys im not that tech - went to start my busa, no power, but did make clicking sound, and the temp needle red went to red and petrol gauge is at half, both stuck in this position

Changed battery - i have nothing - no power anywhere battery is brand new, and fully charged.

checked left hand side fuses, seem ok

please help


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Starting with the simple things first, could be

Not suitably connected battery cable. Make sure you loosen the cable connectors again and reconnect and retighten. I'm betting that solves your problem. While you're at it, make certain there is no contamination or corrosion on the connectors or battery posts.

ok - i have found the problem (thank god) i said i wasn't a techi , but i checked all the fuses apart from one, lol, that one was hiding from me under the sub frame , yes the 30 amp fuse

changed it - hey presto - gauges went to norm and it started,

by the way sub frame - i had to change :cheerleader:that for a steel one , the alloy one cracked on me - you guys will make me a mechanic



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Yeah, check the fuses under the inner panel, battery and fuse in the starter relay. Usually that will do it.

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