No cut frame sliders


Has anyony tried these sliders?

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OK, I have seen a lot of post about these, I for one have Vortex sliders and have used them, not by choice but they saved my case, the slide not only wasted the whole slider but bent the bent holding them on, I can't imange what would have happened it they were not as secure as these are onto the frame.... I will be replacing them as soon as I get my bike back! I could only imange that if these bent they are going to take out the radatior and cause more damage!!!! JMO
Its a good price for that style. They look nearly identical to the type made in the UK and cost about $150.
i'd save $$ for the repairs, rather than buy those.
if you want protection, get real sliders. yes u have to cut but it is structural.
I wouldn't trust them, besides if the bike goes down I'll make sure that it gets totalled out anyway. I want a new one at that point.
Someone here used those and said the mounting point was too low. Still messed up the bike in a parking lot drop.
I have a friend that had to buy 1 fairing and a radiator because of these sliders,not due to the drop,but due to the bar collapsing into the radiator and having to cut the fairing of the bike.
I'm glad this was posted... I was about to buy no-cuts... I'll go the good ol fashioned route.