Nitrous Outlet!!!!!!......

Turbo Train

Wanted to show off what the men at Nitrous Outlet can do for Power Sports. Ive known Dave for too long and cant describe in words how great he runs his company.

First pic is the direct dry 40 shot on my 07 Busa. Sprayed about a hundred 2.5lb bottles through the stock motor and worked flawless!

Motor is apart now only because the tranny started poppin out of 2nd. While she is apart Im going to JE nitrous pistons, twin intake cams, Falicon adj cam sprockets, Carpenter head and an R&D upgraded tranny.

Went ahead and had Nitrous Outlet convert the system to a wet shot so I can progress (NOS Mini) a 75 shot in on a 0-2" longer arm.

Nitrous Outlet has a flowbench to see exactly what hp jetting is needed on YOUR set up.








Nice set up there, He should market that as a kit, I'm changing to the throttle plate system on my 07 Gen 1 and I love the solid metal lines going to the solenoid from the throttle body clamp. Who's throttle body clamp is he using, What would cost be to do a dry set up like you had complete with throttle body clamp, Spray Nozzles, lines, Distribution block, all connected ready to go. I know what HTP sells there kit for with won solenoid, but just wondering, Already have a few nos solenoids laying around the garage.
Damn bro, I'm a huge fan of "form an function". That setup is not just aesthically appealing, but I'm sure a joy to play with. :-) And apparently very reliable. What are you running for fuel management?