Nitrous bottle bracket help


I recently switched to a +6 Trac Dynamics swingarm on my '09 Busa. It has the bottle mounting tab already welded in. I am wanting to mount a 2.5 pound bottle, but all the aluminum brackets I have seen look a little cheap and I'm afraid of it breaking. Does anyone know of a more durable mounting solution? Any help or advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance


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Call up trac, they should be able to point you to the best bottle mount, they put the tab on, so they must trust them:beerchug:


Its not the welded tab that I dont trust, it's the thin looking bottle brackets that bolt up to the tab. I have heard of them cracking under street riding use.


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Its not the welded tab that I dont trust, it's the thin looking bottle brackets that bolt up to the tab. I have heard of them cracking under street riding use.
I meant if they put the tab there they must trust the brackets. Although they may only reccomend "track use" seein how it nitrous. No bumps ect...


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If you want a beefier solution. Buy one, and go talk to a machine shop. Tell them you concerns and they can validate them and make something a lil sturdier or say it'll be fine.
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I rode almost all last year with my 2.5lb bottle full mounted in a clamp like this, and it was ridden for at least 3 years before I got the arm. The only thing you should watch out for is losing the thumbnuts. I crank them down and still lost 2 thumbnuts and a few regular nuts off mine last year.


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under the hump bottle bracket, you want as little unsprung weight as possible.
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