~~nipton ride..pics inside~~


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Thought I would ride over to Nipton today and see if Mike was still around cooking and taking care of the Motel guest's. Great little one off stop with a interesting past.

Many a poker nights and a who's who of Hollywood movie stars from years gone by. I didn't get inside the restaurant today but the walls are covered with old pictures of stars from 1940 and on. Found out Mike doesn't run the place anymore but everything is still the same. Great food. Great people.

I met an older gentleman simply named Nevada. We talked about two (2) hours. Just a great time when you can carry a conversation that long with someone. Rode the Sportster in one picture.

I also need your thoughts on a Norton 850 Commando. Yup. Found one with 2600 miles on it. Dang..I never thought of taking pictures! Shid! It would need a complete overhaul as it has been parked since 1994. I thought about buying it and selling it for a profit. I would think they would be worth something. Not going to disclose the price but cheap. Real cheap for a Norton. Comes with extra frame and parts also. Bike is stock.

OK, let the ride begin. Nothing Pashnit style but pictures none the less.

This was just outside Searchlight Nevada. Open roads.

and a little break at the Casino..Met a lawyer there riding a Honda 994. Just a helmet. No gear. Shorts, tank top and sneakers.

Go figure..

Leaving Searchlight I took a left on Hwy. 164 towards Cali. Nipton lies right on the border of Nevada. You leave Nevada..hit Cali.. then make a right and back in Nevada.

No traffic today..looking East.

Hwy 164 goes between a Joshua tree preserve. For those of you that have never seen one..here you go.

this is just outside of Nipton. Really can't see the town but it is down there with the trees..

red dot marks the spot.

stopped to say hello to Royce. Just the greatist guy. Always a free coke or coffee from Royce.

Use to race Nortons on a dirt track. Stories to tell. 77 years young with a handshake like an Ox. I was explainging the word Hayabusa to him.

I run up there a lot just to talk with him and tell stories.