Nice weather+Hayabusa+sweet roads

Went out to my favorite stretch of pavement today and took the Missus with me. Nice and bright, a lil wind, and little to no traffic. makes ya greatful for the lil things in life, and since I know a few guys from the last meet i was at were curious about where I get to stretch the Busa's legs-well, here's some pics. Enjoy folks!

these are my first pics of the bike dropped (Vortex triple and Dogbones out back)-you can tell pretty quickly when you throw a leg over...the gas tank! LoL...just took a few here cuz I like the lil waterfall.

one of the dozen-or-so big sweepers on my route...lots of hi-speed cruising out here-sign says 50, but you can slide through easily at 80+ on good rubber.

this is road to my left...

one of the numerous mile-long stretchs of straight can run up to almost top speed, and still have time to brake for the next sweeper.

you can see the beginning here of the blind turns...all the turns are either sloping up or down, so you're constatly shifting 2nd to 3rd goin into n out of each bend....when I had my Qualifiers on, this was some hella good fun!!!

last one. man, I love these stretchs of road because its always low-traffic and most of the bends are clear of stones or debris so I can tool along if I want or get on it and really go to work in the turns getn the bike over...but I really just like cruising through here and taking in the 150mph!


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