Next busa ride for Northeast area?

This is the new thread for suggestions regarding the next meet in the IL/WI/MN n Iowa area riders-

I know some guys are already thinkn of riding to Milw. WI where I live for some cruisin on a long stretch of backroads n twisties then some fine dinning afterwards  

Id like to do this ride on a Saturday, like Oct. 15th, or next weekend Oct. 22nd. Sundays those weekends work OK for me if we work it out soon so I can make arrangements for other stuff.

post up  if you think you can make it, when you can make it; and which day works best for u.


pulled what I had written here WEEKS AGO when I started this thread...pointless now.

please guys-if you wanna make it up to Milw. area in the next few weeks for some SERIOUS fun  (BigD never dissapoints-see the pic above!) then post up what worx for ya, and I will try to accomodate everyone. I will try to get ahold of as many Busa owners in my city as I can to make the next meet here bigger than the last!
looking good brother!
now we just gotta sucker the other guys in IL into coming up here-I dunno how to motivate these guys tho...
tried strippers and good food and great roads to cruise on, but I been pushin this thread for weeks and its like kickn a dead horse and askn him to 'giddyap'!
waaa, waaa, waaa-we all know, u poor unloved child you. Think im guna go shopping tomorrow to build-a-bear and get you a new friend...wonder if they have a bear with a biker outfit...

howabout the 15th? c'mon man, they can't hold you there forever...

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