News agency's photo fraud

Sorta stikes a blow at the impartiality of journalism - doesn't it?
Azzhats, I hate the media. They dont care whats news just what sells.
So you guys are suprised
! I saw the media show the Brits coming in to rescue the foreigners out of Freetown, Sierra Leone while telling me to make my pilots be quite in the swimming pool in the back of our HQ as they (Brits) came through our back gate. The media had the Brits looking like they were in FULL ATTACK Mode. WHAT A JOKE !!! Not that we didn't need them, but what was happening at our HQ and what was depicted was totally different  

Of course our Bar and Pool was always open and the Press really enjoyed it, cause very few would go outside the gates while the slaughter was going on, even when I invited them to go see the action with me

You got to remember most of these guys are paid on a picture basis, and the worst the better. And NEVER believe that they don't have their own slant to what is going on and who is a fault. "OH" Yea, on the fault question, it's always the U.S ! And as that Famous Marine
so adequately said:

Surprise - Surprise  - Surprise

Oh man!

What sucks more: being lied to and not knowing it or being lie to and then learning it was a lie?
Thats why Media has no business in war.. Why does anyone think we lost Vietnam . Its happening again in Iraq . pull the media out and untie our boys hands and lets see how long it last then.
It's funny that anyone is surprised by this...

It's a business, they are here to make a buck. If they can scare you into staying tuned you bet your ass they will. Look at just your local evening news. They allways put the important info right at the end, keep you in place waiting.

Think it's different with world or national media?

Bunch of fuggin sponge heads out there feeding you the story THEY WANT to tell, not the truth.
news is just the glorification of human misery....hence i dont to the news
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If a revolt takes place in the next few weeks it will not surprise me.

Biden... the con that keeps on conning...
how happy i can be (in this context) to live here in germany where (as like as in all other western europe countries too) every single vote counts all alone for itself and only the majority of counts is decisive.

no chance ever for any kind of conspiracy or/and fraudness any where - hurray!

as far as i understood (and saw/heard at tv) only around 76 of around 166 million votes (over all) were for trump .

so this counted minority of single votes never would give this loser a chance - the bigger majority voted for the other one what would have make this one the winner.

THAT is / would be the most fair election and allocation of the votes.

(remember - at the last election in 2016 the loser had, as far as i remember, in summ ~ 2 million votes - counted over all - more than the winner - crazy up to rediculous and in my view completely unfair. )
trump ... the (more than 20,000 times) proven liar who continues to lie
and puts purely conspiratorial theses into the world without being able to prove or having proven even a single one.
Cornpop, pinning medals on the battlefield, coal miner, plagiarism, chasing his dog naked out of the shower, best of all- he didn’t know why his son was on the plane to China !!