Newest upload feature


Dis in my way!
Staff member
A new way to upload images and embed them into the post. This is how it works, when you go to reply to a message or start a new topic there is a new box at the bottom of the screen, just under the emoticons. The section is entitled file attachments. Once you have your new message or reply typed out the way that you want it just hit the browse button in the File Attachment section and browse to the location on your computer where the image is stored. Select the image and hit OK or double click the picture. The location should now be seen in the box next to the browse button, and the explorer box should close. Now simply hit the "Post New Topic Button" or "Reply to Message Button" and your image will be uploaded and embedded into the message itself. I think that we have all seen what happens if you use a link to another website or webhost, if the location changes or the webhost removes the pic then then the picture goes away on our board too. This way we never lose the link and the image is kept locally which means that the load time is faster too. If you still want to use the Upload Center feel free, for those that are using it for other bike sites, please continue to do so..