Im a new owner of a 2012 Special Edition White . I bid on it not thinking I would get it, and its a beauty! 2000 mi, lights, exhaust, mirrors,some doo-dads. Altogether not believing it yet! Ive ridden harleys, Buells(still have an S2) Triumphs, but I think Ive finally found a hot rod that can be ridden anywhere with out a "harley tax" added. Plans are to take a trip this summer. Dont the 2012s have dual fans? Anyway , Im way excited- :laugh:

PS- Ill post pics when I get some
Welcome to the oRg. Cant wait to see some pics. You will sit out in the garage for the first 6 months just staring at it. The second six months you will park in the garage and then go outside every few minutes to check on it. You will always have the perma grin. :welcome:
HTR....had the same model until 2 weeks ago...your in a different bike league now compared to what you've had before..........enjoy and get used to it gradually.
You need to recalibrate your senses for what a busa is going to attack them with.
Thank you all for the welcome. I have been looking at Busas for a while ( OK, pining for one!) and bid on this bike, which I found isnt a Special Edition after all, never thinking Id get her. Worked out fine, tho, if you consider that I have 3 other bikes also. You can have too many women, but never too many bikes!
Enjoy the ride. Yes dual fans. My 2008 never misses a chance to kick them on at stop light just to roast my legs.
Welcome...I'm a Busa newbie as well. I've got 5 minutes riding time and my bike is en route...doesn't get much more newbie than that. I also bid on mine not thinking I'd win...I was ready to fly to Chicago and pick up a nice 08...put in a last second bid on the 01 and got it. :)
:welcome: to the oRg :thumbsup:

Dual cooling fans, no overheating brother. The bike will stay cool but you won't :laugh:
Well, there is a slight change of plans. I didnt take the white bike as it wasnt an LE, but bought a very pretty blue/gold 08 with exhaust, lowered, power commander, and a lot of bells and whistles. She is a beauty. On its way, cant wait! Ill post a pic soon! Ive got the motorcycle jones bad!