Newbie to board - just bought me a 'Busa

Pit Bull

Wazzzup everybody! I've been watching this board for a little while getting some info on the Mighty 'Busa and just about a half hour ago I bought a '01 Busa off of E-BAY ($6999 - 5000 miles). Should be picking it up by FRI the 22nd (my 40th birthday...what a birthday this ones gonna' be
) Any way, I look forward to chatting with some of you after I get it home.
                              Pit Bull
Welcome to the board Pit Bull.
That's just about the best bday present a guy could get........just about........menage a trois tops my list......

Anyway have a great time on the board, and happy birthday dude.
What a nice present... better than that only 2 busas!!!
Menage a trois is not on my list of presents, but it is in my list of "career achievements"


Pit Bull - Welcome to the board and Happy Birthday...

Question?? "just about a half hour ago I bought a '01 Busa off of E-BAY ($6999 - 5000 miles). Should be picking it up by FRI the 22nd" Why did it take so long to pick it up??

Just wondering...  
I'm waiting 'til the 22'nd to pick it up because I have to work(no, or very little annual time left - just took off 10 days in July & went to Tennessee boating on Norris Lake). Also, having my birthday off with the weekend gives me three uninterrupted days to celebrate my birthday with my wife and the 'Busa (I also have to drive it home to Britton, MI from where I'm buying it from - Lake Village, IN - approx. 250 miles).

Pit Bull
Congrats and welcome......sorry Monster.....the busa's better than sex........

Oh yeah......Happy B-Day .... a menage' a trois on a busa.....that would be something to think about........
Congrats! I keep watching EBay for Busas, but I'm almost afraid of being burned by a hoax...

Good luck and welcome aboard!

I picked up my Busa on the 23'rd and rode it home aprox. 250 miles. It was exactly as advertised and I love it. I haven't been able to ride it since, due to my 6 yr. old daughter being in the hospital for 4 days with a severe asthma attack(she's tennatively scheduled to come home tomorrow). So, as soon as everything calms down here in my world I'll get some pics here on the board and get some riding in.

Pit Bull
Welcome man, Glad everything worked out for you...Now take care of the important things, see you when things settle down...
Your daughter is in my prayers, dude. Get her well. The busa will be there later. :cool: Glad to hear it was as advertised. Don't think I could buy a bike from eBay unless maybe I knew the owner from here or something. Glad you scored though. :D