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I am considering buying a 2001 Busa and would like an honest opinion of the comparasion between the Honda 929 and the busa. I have not had an opportunity to ride the Busa, that's why I am asking. In stock form will it power wheelie in 2nd or 3rd? Is is comfortable for 200 miles? Can it be taken to track day? Thank for any info or opinions.


Well here we go the 929 is a replica racer it corners better than a Busa in the tight turns. The Busa is more comfortable for long rides and will out accelerate the 929 and is faster on top speed. The 929 is a better track bike because of it's light weight. The busa can be ridden on the track and is a competent track bike but will not turn the times of a 929. I have owned both bikes and found the Busa to be a much better everyday ride than a 929. I guess it depends what you do most if you street ride a lot get a busa if you race a lot get a 929. Knebnr


Thanks for the info! I would be interested in mostly street riding with the occasional weekend to the track.
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