newbie buying question


Hello Im new to the forum - so HI!

I'm looking for advice from you seasoned (and kind) board members.

I am looking at buying a 2008 SUZUKI GXS-R1300R HAYABUSA with a little over $6000 mi on it.

Given that you cant see the bike (see the shape of it etc...) - - is $10,000 CDN a reasonable price to pay for a bike of this age (if its in good shape - with low miles?)

I know Im asking a lot as you can not see the bike - but generally - is 10,000 a lot for 2008?
how much is that in US dollars?? I have seen 08s listed/bought/sold for around $7500 (US)
With the exchange rate, that's almost $9200 USD. I'd say bring them down to about $8000 USD tops
Wow yeah I'd say get them down some.. I just got a 2012 limited edition with 0 mi for $10,000 usd. Definitely need to haggle that price some
10k is way too much. I paid 12 plus tax for my 2013, I have seen 2010 around Toronto for 9k with low km;s 2008 I wouldn't go over 8k
this is the bike in question - are there any special mods or adds that make it more valuable?? - or are they as you say - just 'over charging'....


:welcome: to the oRg :thumbsup:

Run Forrest Run, $ 7 - 7.5K ........ by the way it is the fastest '08 color
I wouldn't pay that much for new, let alone used. Unless there was a gold brick in the cowl. Wait for a cheaper one with aftermarket pipes already installed.
I paid $9000k for my '08 three years ago with 4000 miles on it and a $1200 brocks exhaust. Like everyone else has said way too much. 7-8k max I think.